In tune with life

stockvault-washington-dc-cherry-blossoms---hdr165825Yesterday, I tried singing a capella for the first time. It was very interesting and challenging experience for someone without any background in music and not particularly musically gifted. And yet, there was this peculiar joy of blending your voice with other voices, the sense of harmony and unity, when you feel that you sound in tune. Feeling the power of many people singing as one, people from different nations and backgrounds, speaking different languages, singing this one piece in total unity with all differences being forgotten for this very moment, just as if they never existed!

It reminded me this feeling when you start experiencing these moments of life without demands of ego, without holding some kind of an image of yourself all the time. Without thinking all those proper responsible thoughts about your future, plans A and B and C, building never ending stories and insisting on how it all should be. Just being without it for a moment… and these moments sound like singing in tune with something much bigger than you, flowing along  with something so peaceful and pure. Setting aside the little voice of “me” to hear the voice of the universe and then joyfully joining in. It sounds so authentic even to someone who’s pitch is less than perfect. So true and so real, just being in tune with life!

Nelli Kite

*photo by Nicolas Raymond


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