What if you were immortal

A galactic sunflower

What if you knew for sure, beyond any doubt that the essence of you is immortal? The body, the personality, all self-definitions will drop when the time comes, but the essence, eternal and timeless, will go on, forever and ever… In our culture, we obsessed with the survival of this body, clinging to every moment, trying to prolong, to extend for as much as possible…What if there is already no end? What if there is nothing to be afraid afterwards? What if you are already living an eternity, moment after moment? And it is just the same eternity right now and in any other “now” moment?

What if right now is IT, as important as it gets? As important as any past or future moment, all of them just the moments of eternity, totally equal in their value, unless we add some value to them using our imaginary scale of importance. What is actually important for an eternal being? Surviving as long as possible in one body? Ensuring comfortable surviving in the future for as long as possible even if it results in very boring now? Really?

This might look like very philosophical exercise, but in the moment of awakening, you actually see exactly that, very clear and beyond doubt. Old neural pathways resulting in instinctual fears, old judgement and dilemmas will go on for a while, but the very heart of you changes forever. There is simply no more inner power left in investing in the future survival beyond common sense, of course. It simply isn’t important anymore. You can imagine what happens to a motivation which habitually based on ensuring the best and longest future for “me”. The old mental patterns might try to argue, justify and prove something,  but in the core of you “the future”, as something grand and more important than now simply doesn’t exist. And what would motivate you to do anything? When all you have is now, forever and ever and ever…

Nelli Kite



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  1. Wonderful Nelli, really beautiful writing; ‘now is… as important as it gets.’ I love that. Exactly!!

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