Two questions worth asking

ooking back at my spiritual search, years of meditation and self-inquiry I could say that everything pretty much comes down to two main questions: “Who am I?” and “Is it really true?”

“Who am I?” – when taken to the depth, beyond descriptions, roles, qualities – is the question which ultimately leads to the spiritual awakening, understanding your true nature. It is the question to use when inquiring into the background of everything that occurs in our mind, the awareness of mental content.

“Is that really true?” – used to clear the space for awakening, bring clarity and inner peace into a foreground of mental space, thoughts, and particularly emotionally-charged thought-patterns.

Both questions are very simple, and yet very challenging, as they both will ultimately strip you of all illusory “knowledge” and bring to the state of unknown.



  1. Just awesome. Glad to stumble on a kindred spirit.

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