Growing out of Ego

I like that saying by Adyashanti: “How do you end your Ego? You just grow out of it”. And this is very true –  you beat it up, you inquire it to death, you “toss and turn” that dramatic and all-important “me” this way and that way, your pour through the endless stories of “me” and the rest of “humanity”, you build all those lovely comparisons of “me” versus “them” or whoever symbolized “them” for you at the moment…

Fulfillment of “me”, the importance of “me”, the place for “me”, the meaning of “my life”, the need for “me” to feel secure in “my” future…

When you get some glimpses of Emptiness all that lovely drama gets another push: the grand spiritual “me”, the enlightened “me”, the “Ego-less me”, the “empty me”…

You do all that until it gives you some “zing”, some emotional feedback, some strange twisted pleasure… And at some stage you just grow tired of it, there is no “zing” anymore, no interest in all those lovely but ultimately useless definitions, and the constantly inflamed “me” kind of very naturally dissipates into the surroundings.

Quietly, without any drama, slipping away almost unnoticed – and it becomes just blatantly clear that “humanity” is at the stage of its natural development, and can’t be anywhere else given its age and history, and yet it is developing, learning, changing fast, probably faster than at any time in its history.

People and “society” are just the way they are, and you are the inextricable part of it. You can not “belong” or “not belong”, you are the very fabric of this existence and destined to play your part in this silly, colorful, and very impermanent performance.

And you just go wherever it goes, just happy to play along, wherever is the need for what you have, and everything fits like the jigsaw puzzle, including all that drama that you went through and someone else is enduring right now, so not needed and yet inescapable just like a childhood disease that builds your immune system.

clain1 (2)

“Clarion calls – return to the world” Nelli Kite, prints and more here


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