Money and sex – the alien’s view

When I was young I often felt like an alien in a strange foreign world. I know many young people do, because to the young fresh mind the incongruences and illogic nature of human culture is simply bewildering! But the work of the society, parents, teachers, TV, peers (that have been brainwashed before you) takes its toll with time…

We try to become “normal”, to fit in and eventually… succeed and start the fresh cycle of the same rat, propagating the same old believes, same old “values”, cheerfully joining the crowds in chasing that elusive “happiness”!

But what if really an alien with a sophisticated mind came and encountered our society for the first time? Let just play with this idea.

What are the values that suppose to make an individual “happy” and to which that individual will devote the majority of his/her physical and mental energy?

That’s pretty simple: money and sex.

Our alien would be very surprised to see that most individual having way more printed pieces of paper (or in the modern world the number in a bank account with more zeros) that is actually necessary to feed and clothe the individual for the foreseeable future are still not “happy” and spend their lives working for more paper pieces or account zeros that they actually don’t even need!

And for some strange reason, the earthlings came to a strange consensus that having more zeros makes you more “special” and more “happy”… Nobody knows how many zeros actually needed to become truly “special and happy”, but the majority is convinced that the more the better.

“Many zeros bearers” (maybe the alien would call rich people) have the privilege of living in bigger brick boxes with more partitioning to wander around (not that they even need them), and (totally illogical!) some of these boxes would be equalized with the higher number of zeros because of so-called “location”. For an alien, it would be totally incomprehensible that a brick box in a certain point on Earth can cost way more than the same size box just a short distance away!

It wouldn’t escape our alien that the earthlings are also very attached to smaller steel boxes on four wheels that they use to move around. Why some boxes require way more zeros to acquire and much more desirable just because of “brand” an “prestige” probably would keep our alien busy for a very long time!

Our highly evolved alien would certainly understand that sex is important to propagate the humanity, keep couples together to raise children and it just feels good.

But he would be very surprised to learn that the simple act of male penis visiting female vagina is considered to be some kind of definer for an earthling’s perceived self-worth as an entire human being!

Young humans completely obsessed with making their appearance more attractive for surrounding penises or vaginas, the number of intercourses they have somehow considered their “life success” (especially for the young males, who prefer the actual intercourse versus females for whom “attention” or hinted desire or intention of that very act often is enough).

Individuals, whose sexual organs are not used often are supposed to be sad, “unhappy” and often adviced by peer to work on their appearance to make it more vagina/penis arousing or in other words “get a life”.

The alien would be so surprised to learn that some humans with otherwise healthy and functional body and even enough zeros in a bank account, would choose to end their life or spend long amounts of time being very unhappy and heavily intoxicate themselves, because they can not get a particular penis or vagina to intercourse with theirs!

Madness does not become sanity even if endorsed by the highest worldly authorities. Lies remain lies even when propagated loudly and widely. The mind of the majority is not necessarily the right one (as our human history demonstrated on many occasions). It is up to us to question and discern. We have the capacity to see through the delusions, even if the delusions are so common and upheld as truth by the majority.

Just need to imagine ourselves to be that alien, from time to time!


“Otherworldly” – Nelli Kite

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