Life, meaning and a guiding light – Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog where I wrote about the uselessness of looking for a meaning and purpose in a single conceptual idea, some definition or a kind of flashy image, preferably “great and special”.

If you think about it, everybody is good (maybe even great) at something, but what can the Ego do with a “great knitter”, “earth-shuttering gardener” or “cake-baking queen”? It has to be something “important” or more precisely considered to be “important” in our society. But our society is a bit messed up in this respect.

Men in shorts chasing a ball and beating each other into a bloody mess, pretty girls screaming something incoherent from the stage, deceitful politicians, professional pretenders showered with money and attention – they all considered extremely “important” and their status is highly desirable by many… yet, can our society live without them? Absolutely!

Here we come to “the perceived importance”, imposed on us by the mainstream culture and “the real importance”. Think about it yourself – who is really important in your life right now? Without whom your body and mind won’t be able to function in this world?

How important are those humble people making our meals, building our houses, doctors, teachers, drivers? The millions of engineers and so seemingly unimportant Chinese factory workers who made the miracle of computer technology possible, as well as myriads of others without whom the humankind won’t be able to function and progress.

What is really important to YOU? Right now, right here? What is our service to humankind? What if really, you are the point of immortal consciousness, eternity manifesting in this human body? If it is already God, Enlightened Buddha, Everlasting Light – does IT really need to become someone “great” or “important” in the eyes of shallow mainstream culture?

If we can’t rely on those conceptual ideas to guide us through life, what can we use for guidance?

If you will try to answer this question from your mind, from the world of ideas it will drag you into the same “perceived” importance. But we all already have this guiding light inbuilt into our system, very natural and simple, and it is called “interest”.

Really, can you make yourself interested in something you do not care about? I can not rise a flinch of interest in any kind of sport under any circumstances. I used to be interested in science and even had a career as a researcher and now it left my system so completely, I can’t even imagine returning to that world again despite my very humble financial situation.

The energy of interest is something that comes through us, we do not make it ourselves and cannot fake or force it. If we listen to it, go with it, not against, our lives become so much more peaceful and harmonious.

As an example, I always had an interest in making art, but it comes and goes. I know when “the artist” has come and when it left (I think in the past they use to call it “the muse”). If I chase that lovely label of becoming a “Real Artist”, the struggle to rise this energy when it is not here, would be (and for a time, it was) torturous.

The same is with writing, it comes and goes. And this is totally fine. The consciousness in me also chooses this particular time and place for the experience of food tasting, for the incredible ease of traveling (comparing to the old times) and seeing so many different places and meeting the great diversity of people. That eternity in me is also very fond of watching movies, reading sci-fi books, surfing the Internet and playing with dogs, and doesn’t see these activities as more or less important in comparison to anything else.

My interest in spirituality was very steady from the early age, in my late 30th it escalated to a single pointed devotion to enlightenment, nothing else mattered anymore. I could not shake it off, talk myself out of it, “come to my senses”, “get practical”. It made me trade my very comfortable life for the austerity of Buddhist monasteries, break up with my family and friends and plunge into a completely unpredictable, unplanned mode of existence.

A few years later, satiated, this powerful energy has subsided and returned to the same level of steady curiosity, now being not about achievement, but about unfoldment…

The Interest rises and falls, comes and goes, as everything in this world of form. It doesn’t care for definitions, for the meaning or some kind of future achievement point. It stays on some subject for a while and then moves on. If you were the immortal God with no other agenda as simply BE, how else would you study and experience the world of form?

Flooding shine

“Flooding shine” – Nelli Kite


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