The Dimension of Eternity – Peace, Power, Love

Experiencing your true nature – spiritual awakening – often compared to discovering a new dimension within yourself. It is purely experiential, and all descriptions belong to the dimension of conceptual.

This is the main problem with all writings and teachings about enlightenment and awakening – pointing from the level of language (the conceptual) to something that is not contained or can even be accurately described by any language! And yet, we try, we sing our songs, attempting something that is doomed to failure from the very beginning…

And this is also fine, all the notions of worthiness, failure, the need for “successful” outcomes belong to the ideas originated from the point of view of a tiny human form, raised in ever-present fear. In the Dimension of Eternity, it is simply not relevant. And yet, for some reason, Eternity loves playing games, it loves its existence in the human form!

Even though often called the Great Emptiness, it is only empty of conceptual delusions, petty human dreams and fears, paradoxically, it contains them all! It has its own structure, its own dimensions, and layers, like the multitudes of facets on a finely carved diamond.

When it “awakes” and starts manifesting openly in human form, it brings its own expressions, energies, changes in perception and behavior. And the most prominent are Peace, Power, and Love.


The Peace of Eternity is absolute. It is unshakable and feels like an unmovable mountain inside your being. The mind can go on worrying about “the financial situation”, any perceived other lack or body’s imminent demise, and it is all going on the background of total peace, total acceptance of human silliness.

Something deep inside you just not quite buying into the whole emotional drama of “poor me”, survival and importance of “grand misunderstood me”… From the background, it slowly penetrates into the foreground of thought and emotion, and gradually you understand that it’s the time to grow up, to get on the next level of human existence.

Flowing peace

“Flowing peace” – Nelli Kite


The “little unimportant” human craves power – so many stories in our culture about some “underdog” suddenly getting superhuman powers or the fight for power over others (“The game of Thrones”!). Eternity has a lot of power, but interestingly, it starts coming into your experience when you lose interest in your personal power as a mean to advance your Egoic agendas, even when these agendas look very “good and noble” on the surface.

I like this cryptic reference from Carlos Castaneda books about “the warrior” becoming “impeccable” and waiting for his “power”. Of course, this power is not “his” and yet, manifesting through the human form including the human mind, which often remains partially deluded to the very end!

When this power comes into your being it is unmistakable. You can do things you never imagined you can, you behave in the way you never did, and suddenly realize that your words, your actions, and even your very presence have an effect on the surrounding. Sounds great, but by this time you don’t really care, and what it really means on the personal level – you just got more responsibility!


Eternity is suffused with Love. It is radiating Love through you even when your mind is busy hating and plotting revenge. Just like Peace, it seeps slowly from the background of your perception into your mental landscape and you start losing any interest in hatred and vengefulness.

You just can’t assemble any energy to keep it going. When the negativity comes, it rattles on the surface for a while and then drops like a stone into the bottomless Light. It is not like you become “the better, kinder person”, it just like the hatred simply being slowly erased by all-encompassing Love. And this Love simply loves, beyond all ideas of “forgiveness, reconciliation, acceptance”, etc.


“Rising” – Nelli Kite

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