The machinery of the Universe

“In the deep stillness,
I can hear the Silence,
Busy creating,
Booming harmony,
The machinery of the Universe

Machinery of the Universte

Machinery of the Universe – Nelli Kite

I have painted this little abstract while volunteering at Chenrezig Tibetan Buddhist center in Australia two months ago. First I tried to paint Buddha under the tree, then Buddha’s face, but it all felt fake… when you start understanding what is all that symbology about – the packaging stops being interesting. As Buddha said himself, “when you crossed the river by the raft, you don’t need to further carry the raft with you”.

You prostrate yourself by the Buddha’s feet, but the Buddha is not a single person, some separate godly deity or someone’s artwork anymore, it is all of the Universe, including you. And you listening to its marvelous silence, admire its unbound creativity, try to learn its intricate machinery, no longer alone, needing nothing more than just listen and admire, forever and ever…

I painted all the Buddhas of the past over and let my hand to doodle… I was in a little hut amongst lush curving and twisting forest, all those natural organic lines, yet my hand confidently drew some bold crossing lines, and they wanted some deep blue and red. Well, some forest still managed to slip in through the texture!

art studio

My “art studio” in the bush

*The painting is available for sale as original or print on my page

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