The depth of Insight

“Hail the trying times!

The darkness sparkles,

With the jewels

Of future Insights…”

How is real Insight happens? By real Insight I mean when you suddenly Understand something that seemed before so self-evident, something that ruled your way of thinking and your life. You understand it not just from the level of habitual circular thinking, but with something in the depth of your being. Insight is like a light bulb that suddenly switched on and illuminates old things and old ways, and you say to yourself “Oh, my God! How couldn’t I see THAT before?”

And what sets the conditions for the Insight? We all love when our life flows the way we want it, easy, uncomplicated and fear the change (well, with the exception of the very few of us who thrive on change). And yet, under these conditions, not much real deep inner transformation and growth is possible. There is simply no push, no incentive, no need for anything new.

Insight like a spark happens from the tension of duality, the reality of life and our ideas of what life should be, between changes and habits, movement and stagnation, loss and clinging, need for the growth and fear… Nothing set the conditions right for the Insight like the trying times, times when the reality so not conforming to our demands, so not under our control, not fitting into our mind frame!

We fight, we scream and shout – “God, why me?! I don’t want this! It should be my way!” We stomp our feet and through tantrums, we drown our sorrows and reach for “the manifestation” books in hope to get that darn life to fit into our imagined world. Ha!

And a lot later, one beautiful day, the Insight light up and it all changes. And grudgingly we admit, something very beautiful just won’t be possible without all that…

“Thank you, darkness,

Without you,

My happiness now,

wouldn’t be so complete…”

The depth of Insight

The depth of insight – Nelli Kite


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