Enlightenment as a demolition project

“Asking, ‘What is the Truth?’ is a demolition project. Most of spirituality is a construction project. We’re ascending and ascending — ideas are ascending, kundalini energy is ascending, consciousness is ascending. It just keeps building, and a person feels, ‘I’m getting better and better.’

But enlightenment is a demolition project. It simply shows you that everything you have ever believed was true isn’t. Everything you take yourself to be, whatever your self-image is — good, bad, or indifferent — you’re not that. Whoever you think others are — good, bad, or indifferent — is not true. Whatever you think about God is wrong. You cannot have a true thought about God, so all of your thoughts about God tell you precisely and exactly what the divine is not. Whatever you think the world is telling you exactly and precisely what the world is not. Whatever you think about enlightenment is also precisely and exactly what it’s not.

Do you get the flavor of it? It’s a removal project. What does it remove? Everything. And unless it’s a removal of everything, it’s not ultimately liberating. If there is one thing or a single viewpoint that hasn’t been removed, then liberation hasn’t happened yet.”

~ Adyashanti

Emptiness Dancing

This is so true! We often think about spirituality as some kind of ongoing self-improvement, adding something, making our life better, getting something… When we have done enough of it all and, frankly, getting a bit sick of it, we might start feeling this call for something real, something true. And this requires getting through to the bottom of it, to the “ground of being”, to the underlying truth below all beliefs, all that we “hold dear”, the very foundation of how we think about ourselves and others. In the beginning it is very frightening, it is like a journey into the unknown… After a while, when it becomes clear that life is one big unknown anyway, no matter what we think about it, living in “the unknown” is no more scary. And then comes clarity and peace, pure, sublime, free of definitions and demands to be anything, so pure and so empty, so natural and so amazing…

Nelli Kite

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