“Right now” and “forever”

What can we do right now to bring peace and harmony into our life? The first step is to have a very honest and deep look into what is causing confusion and disharmony in this particular situation. Many ideas, concepts, different “shoulds” planted in our heads by society are often clashing between themselves, causing the state of constant inner noise, fogginess, absent-mindedness and general unhappiness.

How to get through this noise without trying to run away, to hide from all the real or imaginary demands? First of all, we can look at what is real and needed right now. One of the common thought-patterns is trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our life, come up with some rigid plan “to be someone”, the road to follow forever and ever. Coming up with the long-term plan might seem like getting clarity, but it is not. Examining the events of your life before will show you that real life is more interesting and amazing than all the plans and scenarios we could possibly come up with. When I was 20 years old I thought I knew what I will be doing with the rest of my life, but everything turned out totally different, and, actually more amazing than everything I could imagine.

We are often sold this idea of certainty, security “forever” by people who understood this strange compulsion of a human mind to deny the fact that there are no certainties in life. However, no matter how many stories and lovely pictures we are fed by media, society and people who simply want to sell us something, underneath soothing candies of words, life remains unpredictable. Life just goes on with unlimited creativity, millions of surprising turns, oblivious to our insistence on our version of “how things should be”.

Sometimes this insistence on long-term security gets us into really dead-end, lifeless jobs and relationships. This can be one of the life’s “wake up” calls, certainly, was for me. Facing the artificial, abstract nature of “forever” can be frightening in the beginning, but once seen clearly, it is surprisingly liberating. What is this “forever”? Can you find it in your reality right now? Can we really and for sure know what will be interesting for us tomorrow? What will call to us the next year? Is there such a thing as “security” at all?

Nelli Kite

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