Spiritual awakening: background and foreground

stockvault-mountain-landscape138195In the moment of awakening, we become aware of something in us that always existed but somehow wasn’t noticed. Before, it was just a background for thoughts, uneventful and uninteresting. Nothingness, empty and boring. And when we start focusing on it, looking for it, actively and stubbornly, puzzled, frustrated, nagged by the reports of people who discovered IT, something miraculous happens.

Background of our perception comes to the foreground, comes alive, infusing everything with a quiet glow. “Empty” becomes Great Emptiness. Soundless becomes Silence, so profound and palpable, ringing with purity like a crystal-clear brook. Our perception of it grows and matures, it unfolds within the mind, penetrating into its every dark and forgotten place.

This luminous background of eternity holds little “me” with total acceptance, no matter what this “me” thinks about itself. The very idea of “something wrong” with “me” doesn’t even exist in the place without any separate “me”. Little dramas and pathetic screams of Ego just passing through, like clouds in the sky. Nothing wrong with them at all…and yet, annoyingly, they tend to block the view!

Nelli Kite

*image “stockvault-mountain-landscape138195”


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