The refuge of Now

An uncertain world and uncertain times. But when was it different? We can drive ourselves nuts with thoughts about the future – “what will become of me?”, “what if things never change?”, “what if I never find my place?”, “what if I will be forever alone?”. And the emotional pain that follows that kind of thoughts is worse than anything physical…

And, yet, in the middle of it all, the inner voice reminds us “it is not real”. Yes, maybe we need to think about the future, maybe we need to plan to some extent. But the fact remains – it is simply not real. What is real? Just this, right now, right here. Simple, cozy, safe. Stable refuge, unshakable ground in the midst of freakish imaginary storms. Touch, feel and sense.

Do I want to do something? Maybe it is needed for the future, maybe not, really there is no knowing… But do I really want to, do I really need to? Right now, right here. Trust the energy, it is there or not, it is flowing or not. So simple. No amount of justification will ever turn the imaginary into real.

“I should act, I should do something”, “I should do this, I should do that”- long list follows – and another one – “manifest, act, motivate, achieve, become” – “I am so lazy”, “why can’t I do it”, “I am a failure” – more pain – more thinking about the future – and it goes on and on…

“Are you tired yet?” – asks the inner voice – “No? Keep going” – “Yes? Come to the refuge and make it your home!”

Nelli Kite

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