The mind and “I”

Question: “What is the difference between “the mind” and “I”?

You can find a lot of definitions of “mind” in spiritual literature, ranging from all-positive to an “evil one”. But, really, if we look at the mind – that thing that processes everything in our head – is only a tool, it is like a computer which can run all sort of programming – from an innocent multiplication table to a glitchy “ego-me”, completely self-obsessed and oblivious to any common sense arguments.

“I” and “me” also subject to many definitions and debates. There is a simple and natural sense of “I am”, the fact of being here and now and functioning through this particular body. Can it cause any suffering? Apart from a physical pain of the body – no… Until the glitchy programming of “ego-me” comes to play and tries to come up with some unshakable and unquestionably positive self-image, based on nothing more than comparisons, adjectives, interpretations, past conditioning and wishful thinking – just fleeting thoughts, a shaky ground indeed.

All this jumbled buggy mess of a programming has a tendency to provoke strong emotions, causing suffering, lack of clarity, inner unrest and sense of general frustration and dissatisfaction.

These programs run from generation to generation and been in existence for so long, so no-one questions them anymore. Everybody obsessed with making the erroneous result – “my self-image”- more positive, instead of questioning its entire validity and reality.

For that, we have “antivirus” programs called meditation and self-inquiry. The clear and peaceful mind is not an evil, it is a wonderful tool of universal creativity.

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  1. Beautiful words Nelli. Lovely to read something so clearly seen and skilfully expressed. Metta and best wishes for 2017.

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