The truth about “Manifesting” – the real “life of your dreams”

“Manifesting your dreams, your desires”, “the Law of Attraction” are very popular subjects among “spiritually inclined” public nowadays. Not claiming any authority I am just going to share my personal observations and experience with that “holy grail” of “happiness” through “manifesting abundance” and “getting the life you want”.

It’s been here for a while, and where all the millionaires are hiding?

You really should know that the whole thing has been around for a while! More than 15 years ago I also have been “hooked” on manifesting and diligently drew my boards, practiced visualizations and wrote long and detailed descriptions of the soulmate I would like to meet, the yacht that will take me traveling around the worlds, and of course, winning “a million” that will give me financial freedom to do whatever I want!

First of all, for the idea that has been around for so long, and reached so many people (and supposedly “works”), shouldn’t we be seeing unprecedented growth in the number of “millionaires” around the world? Sweeping increase in overall happiness and life satisfaction? Luxury yachts and Lomberginis cramping every bit of land and sea?

Alas, nobody ever wants to pay attention to reality. Because we all want to hope and believe that “one day” it all will happen, and the coveted millions or flashy things will make as finally happy and satisfied, and our lives important and meaningful.

And we buy books, workshops, eagerly swallowing every word of talented “silver-tongues” preaching from the stage or screen, happy to give them our money so they could “manifest” their millions!

“You get what you want and be “happy” forever…”

The whole idea that you will become “happy” when you get what you want is flawed. Surely, you get some excitement when you get that new car, new house, new partner, new job, more money. But look back at your life, how many times did you get what you wanted? And how long “happiness” lasted? Did it bring you lasting satisfaction?

More than 15 years on… what happened with my “manifestations”?

And what about my “manifestations”? Alas, never met anyone even remotely resembling my “soul mate”. But guess what? I realized it was for the better. Instead of settling with my “soulmate” into a tiny world of “domestic bliss”, I went traveling and exploring.

For 10 years I was volunteering and working in some cool places, exploring all avenues of spirituality, living in Buddhist monasteries and meditation centers and finally, finding my own peace of mind and satisfaction.

I’ve met some amazing people, had (and still having despite being almost 50 years old!) a full interesting life, very rich in diversity and experiences. I started loving it so much so lost all interest in settling into something small and limiting even with “my soulmate”.

Having spent almost a year in solitary meditation retreats I realized that I love my solitude and have no fear of loneliness whatsoever, not now, not in the future!

No free yacht ever came my way, although there have been plenty of opportunities to sail on someone else’s. Having done that I realized that I don’t even like sailing that much, it is just too boring for me (what a surprise!).

Never won anything in the lottery, although have tried! No sudden inheritance, never found a suitcase full of cash on the streets… But discovered “” which allows you to volunteer-travel and stay for free in some really amazing places around the world. In terms of life experience and the invaluable lessons learned that was worth more than any millions in cash!

I lived in Japan, the USA, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, all over Europe and Australia, all for free, spending money only on travel and personal items. I had the freedom and life of my dream, but totally not the way I “envisioned” it in any of my boards!

OK, maybe it doesn’t work, but surely it is harmless?

Unfortunately, obsession with “manifesting” is not harmless. It keeps you forever in the future, when “the life of the rich and successful you” will start. It keeps you forever hoping and dreaming, instead of actually looking around, sanely and practically and seeing why are you REALLY dissatisfied with your life.

You can only try to “manifest” and envision what you know or was told. And most of what we are told “about life” by media, parents, friends and is delusional at best. The real life brings the situations and opportunities we can’t imagine!

Does it mean there is no hope?

“Disillusionment” and “the loss of hope” actually very important stepping stones in a person’s spiritual journey. It is as “sad” as a child growing out of believing in Santa Klaus.

Most likely you will never win or inherit “a million”. It doesn’t mean that you are forever doomed to stay in the same boring place stuck in some hated 9 to 5 job. The world is huge and full of marvelous opportunities! And what prevents you from exploring them is the widely propagated belief that freedom only comes with the large sums of money.

The real life, lived and explored fully, beyond the boundaries of the known, and delusional beliefs, is way more interesting, rich and abundant that anything that we can “envision” based on our current conceptual understanding of it.

And the only way to experience this marvelous abundance is to live it RIGHT NOW, to experiment, “to go where no one has gone before”, make mistakes, question everything, look for your own unique path, while being guided by your own intuition and sanity!

*Image – “The Bubbles” digital abstract by Nelli Kite.

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