My current art is an exploration of a pure organic dance of shape and color, in which the world existed before forms were given any names, meanings, and significance. I like to think about it as a primeval openly flowing creativity, free of any cultural, ethnic or social constraints. It is the world before we named it and put into boxes. It has no meaning, it is just like a simple music of existence.

If I had to say what my art is about, I would say it is about the freedom to be whatever you are, freedom to let your own uniqueness to come through without any references and limits. My original inspiration for this kind of art came while in residence at Zen Mountain Arts Centre/Monastery (USA) and meeting its founder – late Daido Loori Roshi, famous photographer and the author of “The Zen of Creativity”. Since then my art evolved beyond any reference to traditional Zen or Oriental aesthetics.

I paint and draw spontaneously and intuitively, never really thinking about composition or color wheels. I never know what will spring from a blank page when I finish. The end results surprise me and that is why the process of creation is always fun! I have no preconceived ideas of what the next artwork should be so I am rarely disappointed.

Many of these paintings are available as prints and on a variety of products on my Society6 page.

Mixed media abstracts

Most of these abstract works made using a combination of ink and colored pencils on a heavy watercolor paper. There are detailed, vibrant, organic and yet felt powerful and structured because of the use of strong black outlines. Use of colored pencils allowed me to make very subtle gradients and create color combinations that would be almost impossible to make with paint.

Gouache abstracts

The initial drawings for these abstracts are made in a totally spontaneous way without any planning. I literally put my pencil to the paper and drew. Looking at the drawing I could feel the colors, just the general sense, I never have an image of how the painting should be in advance. It unfolds, color after color. I like working with opaque flat gouache as it feels very clean and vivid.

Fluid paint micro abstracts

This is a very unconventional technique – a cross between fluid painting and macro photography. I pour paint in drops on a small board and let it be for a while, then photograph at an extremely close range. The resulting images have very sensual, intimate feel. But the originals are tiny and could never be exhibited in a conventional way.



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