I have been practicing various types of meditation for about 30 years and in-depth inquiry for more than 10. Having experienced a spiritual awakening in 2010 (under the guidance of a respected Zen teacher), I went through various stages of adjustment, such as immense bliss, confusion, “the plateau”, etc. and have a first-hand experience of many challenges that awakening brings.

Nowadays, I have found my own way of functioning in the world, following its currents with deep contentment and satisfaction. I also enjoy helping others on a similar path and happy to give private consultations to people earnestly seeking awakening or going through various after-awakening stages.

What I can help you with:

  • starting or developing your meditation/inquiry practice
  • choosing the most appropriate meditation method
  • developing a clear understanding of why meditation is necessary
  • understanding inquiry questions and how they work
  • understanding the true meaning of surrender
  • clearing up the confusion
  • learning to function in “the normal” world after awakening and relate to people living in the state of delusion

I charge 50US$ per hour (25$ for half-hour), happy to give discounts to people from developing countries, but don’t do free consultations anymore (just to make people value my time). I am usually available morning and evening (Sydney, Australia time). If you wish to schedule an online (Skype or Viber) meeting with me, send me an email (nellikite@gmail.com) with a brief description of where you are in terms of your meditation/inquiry practice and what would you like to talk about, as well the most suitable time. If I feel that I can help you, I will send you a confirmation, Skype/Viber address, and PayPal details. You will need to pay before the meeting.

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