Nelli Kite (pseudonym) – artist, poet, and mystic. Originally from Kazakhstan, immigrated to Australia in her 20s, where completed Ph.D. in ecology and worked as a scientist for many years.

She left her scientific career after a personal existential crisis and spent several years in formal Buddhist monastic environment and solitary retreats around the world. Experienced powerful spiritual awakening while living in Zen Center of Los Angeles (USA) under the guidance of Roshi Egyoki. Was profoundly influenced by the teaching of Adyashanti.

Lived, worked and volunteered in Australia, Russia, Canada, USA, Europe, Japan, India, Nepal, and South East Asia. Currently, not associated with any formal religious teaching or school, lives in Brisbane, Australia.


Instagram: @artyzennell

Facebook: Unlimited Now

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Online art store: Fineartamerica

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