Nelli Kite offers Dharma talks, Satsangs, workshops, consultations, and retreats internationally. Some examples of past talks:


Buddha: the man behind the legend

This is an interesting opportunity to learn about Buddha in a different light. The story of a real man, his sharp intelligence, incredible determination, wisdom, and patience are more of an inspiration to a modern spiritual seeker,than all flowery legends that followed. You will learn about his long search and his almost scientific approach to teachers and teachings he encountered on the way.

His doubts, his reasoning, dealing with nonacceptance and hostility of his family members, a narrow-mindedness of his followers, and prejudices of contemporary society. The challenges he faced are still surprisingly relevant to our modern life, and we can learn a lot from his responses to them. His life certainly was an inspiration and a source of strength for me! The talk is based on stories from Pali Canon (original texts) and “Historical Buddha” book by H. W. Shumann.

Control or surrender?

We often hear “take control of your life”, “be in control”, “take charge”… And then, many well-known and respected spiritual teachers say – “surrender to what is”, “just be”, “let go of personal will”, “let go and let God”.

Which one should we follow? Which one is true? What it all mean? And how this seemingly paradoxical diversity of views resolves itself naturally after seeing into your true nature (spiritual awakening).

“Thy will be done”

At the core of spirituality is an idea (or inner knowing) that there is something bigger than separate self, ego, mind, something that gives a purpose and direction for our lives. How can we know this direction? How can we understand what is “thy will” and what is “my will”? Is there a difference? How is this approached in Christianity, Taoism and modern spirituality?

Paradoxical Zen

This talk is about Zen, its history, and the ultimate purpose. Craziness, spontaneity, unorthodox characters, illogical puzzles and apparent contradictions. We will explore this strange exotic world and what it is trying to point to. What is this “finger pointing to the moon”? And, of course, we will discuss how the ideas and pointers of Zen are still relevant in the modern world, how they can help us to expand our horizons, to add a bit of Zen spirit of adventure and freshness to our life.

Meditative self-inquiry

We will look into different methods of inquiry (Byron Katie, Adyashanti and others) for deconstructing negative judgments, confusing thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Using some practical examples we will examine how simple questions like “Is it really true?” “How do I know that this is true?” followed in-depth can bring clarity and peace to our life.

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