Challenges of spiritual awakening

Introductory video to the channel. Spiritual awakening, seeing into your true nature – the ultimate answer to the question “Who am I?”, deep experiential shift of identity. This shift brings some very real challenges in finding new guidance, a new way of living your life.


Why Ego exists?

Nelli Kite talks about why Emptiness, God, Buddha nature come to existence through limitations. Why do we need different experiences and when the need to know our true nature awakens in us.


What do we really want?

Nelli talks about the importance of knowing what we really want versus what we should want or what is “good and responsible thing to want”. How to know the difference? Doing something “for the future” – do we know what the future is going to be? What are we going to want in the future?


Spiritual awakening: two questions worth asking

There are two questions which can bring real changes in our life and spirituality: “Who am I?” and “Is it really true?” What is the difference between them and how they both point to the same understanding of unknown.


Not knowing is totally fine

Nelli talks about a stage in spiritual development when we discover “the unknown” and challenges of going through it.


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